The Unpredictable

Written by: Therese Bacha

                                ~The Unpredictable~
The view enlivened her imagination by remembering how 
she escaped her long past history of abuse by being judged 
over the years she had nightmares as it was not her fault their
eyes were all over her. 
She had been down living at the bottom of the valley due to the 
aggressiveness of her surroundings their absence of sympathy 
and love dissipated she was being punished for many things she
haven't done, she was always to blame as she had nothing in 
common she came from a deep different background that 
provoked this jealousy.

Being judged will change her attitude voluntarily her
communicating will grow beyond she will not feel trapped 
and will not allow herself to suffer her velocity will willfully 
create wrath among those who had judged her. 
She was ready to show the whole world her shifting to shipshape  
will let them yowl and hear no echo.
She will make them feel that she is far to superior she will dismiss 
her liaison with this family she will afford to brag about her 
brain its beauty will feel attractive and authentic its serenity 
will serve to seek a security that will vanquish whoever poured 
their venom over her.
The inner woman she knew which had lived with a past
suddenly became a stranger she changed to become 
overwhelmed with happiness with a rich soul.

She has been single and skeptic her decision is made to 
overcome her shyness by sending a signal towards a 
special individual who might cast his spellbound over 
her to carry her as far away towards a spiritual sphere.
Her appetite will become apparent to arouse that 
aristocrat who will approve to admire her personality 
cruise towards a bright future her sensational life will 
begin abruptly ignoring the abuse and welcoming freedom 
that will prevail towards her adventurous encounter.
One of the biggest moments of her life is when she would find 
someone who still believes in love believes in the same goals 
and aspirations then her adoration towards him will exude 
beyond a birth in her she will amaze her new companion with 
her angelic appearance different allure, she hadn't finished the
sentence when she heard the door creak and closes, it was him 
her first love when she was younger in age, yesterday he found 
her and asked if she was free that happening for a reason of us 
meeting at the right time and the right place will get us 
together to create a beautiful home for the near future, 
that was his message.
They stayed in love since the creaking of that door

 Therese Bacha