Humble prayer for the Sweetheart of the soup

Written by: Charmaine Chircop

How can I smile 

when my friend is ill

What kind of friend would I be

if I do not miss her

But miss her I do,

Yesterday,I opened the card

She've sent me

I read it,over and over again

Her words full of love

laughter and joy


Yesterday is far away now

Today,only a memory of her dulcet voice

I wonder if those are the last words

I ever got to read

Or maybe,maybe I wake up tomorrow

to realize her illness was only a nightmare I had

a broken thought in a lost desert

a terrible dream.

Here I am,on my knees I kneel

My faith is weak

Her faith the strongest,I ever seen

With her faith I turn to God

My only God

Cause who can console me

and who will console you?

Who would know better

and who can do best?

My God!!Your God!! Her God!!

That same God

We call 'Our Father in Heaven'

The God who knew her name

before she was ever born

The God who engraved her name

on his own palm

The God who knows each joy

and every heartache

I come to you dear God

I come to you with gratitude

for blessing us with our special Lindamarie

I come to you in prayer, I beg you

Please,lend her to us,for a little bit more

before you take her to the blissed garden of eternity