To the Egotistical Fool

Written by: Janet Vick

If I told it today,
In this moment, right now,
Would you believe me?
Not just please me,
But believe me?

If I opened my chest
And exposed my heart,
Would you not hold me?
Not bring me comfort?
Not shed a tear?

My God! Can you even cry?

Supposing I loved you,
And gave my all
With no returns,
Would you then be glad?
To hold my life
Within your reach?
To drag me down,
To wipe your feet?

Thank God! I haven’t loved you!

And if I saved you
By telling a lie,
Supporting your wrong.
Would you bend a little?
Stoop before your lie
And ask for understanding?

And if I cried for you,
Hurting inside,
Would you see me?
Acknowledge my pride,
As woman, not child?

Would you even see me?