Written by: jeffry cohan


Polish my tongue with yours, please do
For I am the one who adores pleasing you
Moisten my lips with the dew of your crescent moon mouth
For I have traveled many miles in search of the pink fruit hidden in your shrubbery
Amidst the formerly forbidden
As I to do your bidding
To wait upon you at a wedding between bliss and a blessed sacrament
Alas without you each sun casts a yearning shadow in my wake
So take thee my turgidly tempted torment to thy breast
And the darkness your denial has sent to deny me rest 
Lest thou should open thy important part and heart to mine eyes aflame
To know thee by name
To name thee mine
When naked candles scented such as sea foam and home find their way to shine

Spread wide that which has thus far been defied

To welcome wanton thrusts by moon dust and the member of a man who does what he must
For my dear, 
he with unbridled lust and the truthfulness of trust must thrust upon and within as you writhe and tithe to the god of spouting seedlings
And the kindling of kindred copulation
With phallic fascination
For thy beauty is such no man of means nor memories ignores
So please my pet, polish my tongue with yours
                                         © 2012....PHREEPOETREE ..~free cee!~