Willow vines canopy tickle flora,
Celestial beams sparkles aura.
Trailing on waters laborious rush,
Yearns for the salutation brush.

On saged river lethargic sleep,
Obscure ripples running deep.
A serenaded lullabye trickles by,
Distant echoing Wolf’s bayful cry.

Currents whisper secrets to stoic stone,
Worn from the incessant drone.
Silence is golden, stones must think,
Rumors, etched with silt ink.

Willow bowing, as it overhears,
Before water trickles off and disappears.
Fingers dance on silky current,
Sinuous with secret torrent.

Hued cotton fluffed clouds race,
Neither worried about the pace.
Midsummer’s eve jasmined thyme air,
Dandelion crown adorn raven hair.

Grass perched between Rosemary lips,
Sky shimmers Aura Borialis ellipse.
Bucolic raft gently rocking afloat,
Warbling cricket’s off-keyed note.

Fireflies synchronized harmony,
Sleepy chuckles for their revelry.
Frogs croak baritone creaks,
contented smiles on moonkissed cheeks

Star freckled ether, moon hung low,
Basking harvest orb aglow.
Ginger reflected moonbeams,
Fragrances whisper sweet dreams.