Written by: jackie thomas

You gave me up when I was born,
This to me should be a mother's scorn.

I saw you from time 2 time(s) as I grew,
But your heart I never knew.

YOUR focus was OTHER things and not me, my sister or my brother,
After giving me and them up you had anOTHER.

She of ALL your children was the ONLY one you took the time to rear,
I said before, when you passed I would not shed a tear.

December 23, 2012, God called you on home,
When I heard the news it was via phone.

The last I saw you was a very sad thing,
...because you did not know my name.

As I looked at you, your features and body shape, I was thinking Oh my!
How I look, you were the reason why.

Though I never knew and will NEVER know your traits and what made you happy or sad,
The fact the you gave me life is ALL the love I ever had.

Rest In Peace prehaps I will meet you soon,
The facts remain, that we learn in the womb.

This I say because, I ask questions and try and figure out your past which some things seems to mirror me,
...I am thinking how could this be...!

After birth, I was never around you long enough to pick on the things you do, on earth could I be like you...

So, for whatever reason you gave me up when I born,
No closure and not knowing who gave me life, was the only reason I mourned.

The man that planted the seed, I also NEVER knew,
I wonder was I like him too.