What the FBI Says

Written by: mike dailey

FBI Says

According to the FBI and the statistics that they keep
The number of murders by hammer and club has gotten pretty steep
In fact they outnumber the murders committed with a rifle
A statistic that the media is oh so rife to stifle
And they say that twice as many are killed by hand and fists
Then by any long guns according to their lists
So worry about the carpenter or that guy with the walking stick
And carry a gun in case you do run into one of these guys too quick
If you encounter a thug with a hammer
Who appears to want to do harm
A gun in your hand will make that guy stammer
Right before he buys the farm

Now I’ve spent a career 
With statistics and fear
You can twist them till they sing your song
To have or have not
A gun – take a shot
And I’m sure someone says you are wrong
You could poll the nation
Asking each generation
From grandson to dear old grandpa
But let’s use common sense
Not just claim self defense
When it comes to our guns and the law