God's Favorite Hymn

Written by: Gale Greenwood

Through the looking glass,
where God’s light resides,
there exists a clarity as white as snow.
During crisp early mornings,
as I wander alone,
I reflect on the brightness
and watch my breath dance.
I relish the damp coolness,
as sweet as peppermint,
while I snuggle in to the wool
of my long winter coat.
With a scarf tied under my chin,
to protect against the cold,
I watch the Sun rise
peaceful in its resonance.

I smile to the songs of birds
calling in this newest day,
and my spirit rejoices
to hear their chorus to see them play.
With respect and reverence,
I quietly listen,
and my senses settle in to nature’s rhythm.
This is God’s hymn,
his favorite music.
Happily I acknowledge this,
while I watch the Sun’s first rays.

It is peace that I claim in this early ‘morn,
before the toils hold sway
and tug my heart away.
This is my time,
where joy does rest in my heart.
And gratitude meets me
in appreciation of such a beautiful greeting.
I wander along,
guided by this light.
All the while the birds songs
Sings God’s favorite hymn.