A mind in recovery

Written by: rodrick de-Bathe

A mind in recovery

As the breeze blows through my dreaded hair,
I sit in this world as if I don’t care.
From a distance away I hear the clouds crash.

The skies are brewing a storm,
And my mind is spiralling out of form.
My soul has an unhealed slash.

The air becomes filled with cigarette smoke,
And my lungs begin to slowly choke.
The cravings within me have died.

So I remain with suffocating emotions,
My habits have submitted me to regulations.
All the rivers of sin have dried.

Life propelled me to recovery, 
While God’s initial plan is discovery.
I am embracing the eyes to see within me.

I have come to terms with my addiction,
I no longer live in condemnation,
God has saved me.

Inspired by a group session in rehab ( Harmony retreat) 2011