Written by: shirlyn ledesma


It doesn't make the rain stop when I stop to cry

It doesn't make me feel me alright when you leave

If you fly away like strings of daffodils you make me sad

If you fly away like broken dreams do you think I will be fine?

Though the sun can’t measure my burning love for you

Though the sky will cry out a million tears, it will not change

Though the water from the river runs dry, my love for you will overflow

Though the wind will make the falling leaves tremble I will stay here for you 

But now I should say ,Please just don’t come over my dreams 

Just don’t make me feel that it won’t last

Because I know it will, maybe soon

 And just don’t make my day bright and visible 

My nights grew darker as my blurry eyes 

Eyes that started to make tears as you love me

Eyes that witnessed all the broken and unbroken heart

Eyes that used to be happy but now was confused