Tali: String

Written by: binibining p.iNk

Imagine this void, blackness all around...
...a sprinkling of string
Where each one unfurls in their own way—


Some momentarily, fleeting (then might continue to fall up or down)
Yet some get touched,
latch on to each other
and create these bonds,
knotting themselves tightly, lovingly to one another
Never letting go.
They weave parts of themselves together,
Getting better, stronger.
Then somehow, sometimes,
along the way, as each string continues to move,
some knots get loose,

Some see it as breaking free.
Some see it as simply breaking.

Maybe they weren’t even knots at all,
merely loops.
Or maybe they were indeed knots,
but stretched far into its tensile strength, they get broken,  cut-off.

These strings continue on with their journeys,
getting longer, reaching, splitting to meet other strings,
some interwoven, some not.
Some get touched fleetingly,
somehow changed—
curled in various parts, straightened in others
adding character to these strings.

Each one iridescent, beautiful, unique. 



I step back and marvel at all of it. Thankful.
For this web is alive, its heart pulsing with every breath
...growing with every move. 

As each string is special, a certain someone who I’ve come across in this life.
Some I may have had fleeting encounters with, 
yet was still touched profoundly.
Never forgotten.
And some, 
are truly lasting, knotted securely. Bound by love.
Who knows? Maybe as that journey continues,  
some of the loose strings touch and get entangled again (in a good way).

I am blessed to have all these strings in my life,
creating this gleaming tapestry that I will always cherish,
one that fully embraces my heart.


Reading this, makes me think I should have entitled it as “Some”—
oh well.  So many “somes” in this poem, I know ^_~

Tali  is the Filipino word for String, I simply wanted to use it o_O.

For those who have touched me through their words, through their heart & soul, 
my heartfelt (and soulful) thank you. Hopefully, you know who you are.