Here at last: oh redemption


worn out and ragged faith

unfaithful floor

as it gives way

beneath my illusion

of my sure footing


haven't taken all

from me just yet

my shaken self worth

the floor giving way

my steps sinking ever lower

held up by pure pain

the empty gait pressing on

the shadow more alive

than my hollow being

floating just above this realm


darkness ever whispering

trying to speak my true name

strength not being summoned

I am unknown to all

One who knows me within

fleeting light, flickering

but the darkness not complete

hope screaming out for me

falling upon my deaf ears

my senses dulled ignited my suffering


inside this eye of evil

swirling beneath a whirlpool

ever gulping water, dragging down

i reach for broken dreams

i grasp the hand of an angelic host

Here at last: oh redemption