Blankets Of Star Dust

Written by: Timothy Jacks

Star dust , too, through and beyond the milky way
Like  a blanket made from the fabric of crushed hearts
The Galaxy speaks of human sorrows forever linked together
And look there, it’s a falling star
I look up and I ask God
For better words and I kept silent
For better days and  I searched the light years
Then my thoughts descended like the star dying 
Like a ball of fire
I deploy, I launch myself, the earth is my target
I see a constellation 
I smile and continue, focused, and determine upon my destination
I pass through the stratosphere, I enter a different atmosphere
I’m just the messenger
And My Master is the Asteroid
Juxtapose , Truth’s twin is Wisdom
God’s Love is like a blanket of star dust
To cover us from those that harm us
To clothe us,
To give us guidance 
To comfort us in times of sorrow
Now in the night, in the starlight
The scars in my heart they will find a way