Not A Hero

Written by: Aaron Guttery

I'm not a hero for saving this game, and turning it around
I'm in entrepreneur for creating this game, from underground
I put these words together and spit 'em, so while you listen to my flow,
realize that none of this is for money, I do it as food for the soul.

Understand that these words are nothing, but a few syllables,
that are never gonna be read out over a microphone.
Unless I, actually make it, so this is make it or break it,
shatter it and glue it then do the same as I continue my day shift.

Of letting people step over me, and I'm slowly exploding,
'cause these people never sit down they wanna see me create a scene.
They wanna see me let go of this grudge, and finally blow up,
but why would I give these people anything that they want?

They're never gonna repay me, I need somebody to save me,
I need a friend that isn't gonna turn around and betray me.
So I keep writing, and letting my emotions run out through this pen,
cause I'll do anything to keep myself away from giving in.