Written by: Rose La Traille

wait for the sunlight
you never get any
your life is followed
by a dark shadow
your life
is a never ending 
lightening storm
your heart..
now that's something 
a prison
barricades it 
trapped.. chained down
easily toyed with
nothing ever changes
for you
each day you just
grow weaker and weaker
with guilt
of what would've happened
your body aches
for attention
your existence
slowly decaying
becoming nothing 
but an empty canvas
soon everyone
forgets you
....your heart 
still imprisoned..
but now by hell!!!
burning walls
surrounding you
closing in
each gasp you take
smoke fills
nothing left to lose
but the life you
once held dear..
all gone with one mistake
forever you
live with the thought
of putting that blade 
to your wrist
and digging into
your precious body
now you're nothing
but a distant memory...