Lotus Blossom


She like the willow weeps,
as the passage of time creeps.
Apple blossoms petals fall,
She a delicate porcelain doll.

The sweet jasmine night warm,
a calm before the storm.
Lightning flashes in bespeckled haze,
Hope ebbs to an obscure decay.

A kimono of lotus blossom white,
She swathed in stardust that night.
Butterflies adorned her raven hair,
She awaits her dragon warrior there.

A top the weathered bamboo bridge,
Eyes scanning the horizon's ridge.
The channel over waters so serene,
With tendrils of rose vines, yellow, green.

Trailing in the bittersweet waters of sorrow,
Promises fragmented for tomorrow.
The beauty couldn't calm the tears,
His absence confirmed her fears.

Midnight came and departed,
A fragile love brokenhearted.
Her dragon warrior gone to war,
Had not returned like times before.

Gossip whispered of his death,
A brave hero till his last breath.
With faith she steadfast held tight,
But crumbling, it vanished that night.

Season's cycle will gentle a loss you feel,
In time a wounded heart will heal.
Lotus blossom, please don't cry,
Lament to the winds a woeful good-bye.