Baked Potatoes

Written by: ilene bauer

The comedian Mitch Hedberg
Made a brilliant observation:
To cook a baked potato,
You should just go on vacation.

Heat the oven, toss the spud in;
Head out for the tropic sun.
You’ll come back, all nice and tanned
And then that sucker will be done.

For a truly baked potato,
Crispy skin and mushy “meat,”
Seems to need a lot of hours
‘Til it’s soft enough to eat.

Then with sour cream or butter 
And a healthy dose of salt,
You can dig in and enjoy
But if it’s hard, you’re not at fault.

For it’s true that most potatoes
Take quite long to cook inside,
Which is why we are indebted
To the French, who made them fried!