Life Beyond

Written by: Therese Bacha

                              Life Beyond.

Being in love allowed her to listen to her heart today and enter 
willingly into the outside world that is full of life & love. It will allow
her to face her fate before its to late.

Being in love allowed her to create an imagination to initiate her
identity and appreciate her destined lover no matter how much 
she`ll debate oppose engage or calculate she will rejoice to have 
a life with him.
Being in love will allow her in the future not to refrain her 
destiny allow it to move on its own rate as worry anger and hate 
will not exist only joy with her worthy lover will allow the snow blow 
them towards each other to embrace their effortless love.

Being in love will depend on how she will regain her
sovereignty nourish her heart to turn towards her
ideology idolize her creativity applaud and welcome an 
appeal to become two persons of steel as she wouldn't 
want to die alone around a fountain only with the sound 
of the water drops. 
Being in love will allow them to walk to the end of the 
bay find a bank to stay distinguish the thousands of stars 
watch over them as a life beyond can still feel 
and look beautiful.

Being in love will allow her to ask herself if she can take the 
chance to grow up fast have the power of their love lead 
them to that mountain peak build that home to spend 
their endless nights in love with the stars above. 

Being in love will allow them to run towards their dreams 
show everybody how powerful they become when in love 
surrender to their souls throughout the night when they do,
they will never hesitate but long to belong to spoil each other 
listen and feel how they could find a way to satisfy their needs 
with yearning eyes and tremendous respect.

Being in love tenderly she will whisper what a gift they
are to one another they will adore each other they will feel 
how they could discover each other and look forward for a 
future together never to leave as both of them now cant 
ever survive without one another including the blazing
stars straight towards them from above.
Being in love and not wait to allow their souls walk together 
hand in hand during that long journey, talk words of love 
words to fill their own desires words that can never be replaced 
being in love will allow them not to leave a trace to be found
for a while to become lovers with a strong passion enlace 
their bodies to live the beyond as one.

Once they get older they will give up their last breath 
while breathing each others names.

 Therese Bacha