A New Year's Tale

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

A nnulled are the possibilities of the past, 
n uances of angst unborn, leave unformed, dashed at last.
E ach new breath rises like steam on a cold days brass, 
w ine flows freely in a celebratory glass. 
Y outhful lovers view a Valentine forecast.
E lders now rested lift from mid-winter's white morass. 
A ll of life cozy-cuddled awaits the days repast,  
r aring to go on an adventure unsurpassed, 
s ailing oceans, climbing mountains, life with contrast. 
T he New Year has wakened silver-spooned with such class 
a mazing how new beginning bring hope undashed.
L augh with your eyes, smile with your heart opened so wide
e ach year's full of possibilities that's undenied.