An Unknown Destination

Written by: Dan Adimi

A stone wall ahead,
A dead end,
And a heart full of broken pieces.

Each step leads to a stumble,
Each try leads to a fall,
 And each leap of faith,
Makes the heart frail.

Like in a test, a zero,
It feels like no hero,
Can come and low down,
The feeling of disappoint.

The sun looks dull,
And the night looks,
Full of light.

Too much misery,
 Like a torch always reigns,
And like an immortal army,
In your life is anarchy.

In the day making you,
Bleed from deep down,
And a hole burrowing.

Like a dark cloud cover,
Covering the light out,
And like a pest sucking,
The life out of you.

In the end making the night,
Restful, and alone lively,
Because then, no one can see you cry,
And in a glimpse, less envy in your heart.

Dry as a bone,
And quiet as a hole,
Is the long journey to an unknown destination.