Let Me Come Over

Written by: Debbie Duncan

Oh, baby, let me come over 
I could show you  a world
We could both fade into
Show you things like nobody else could

We could roll the dice and play all day
Fly past the angels and ride the rainbows

Come walk with me through the raindrops 
Let the sparks fly where they may 
As we walk through the sunsets together  
It's all I wanna do with you 

Yes I think we could try 
Learn to fly ~ come be with me 
Because I really need you now
I wanna hold your hand 

I wanna make you feel wanted 
Wrap me up in your love 
We could fly so high, where 
Angels touch the sky 

I just want to feel wanted 
Let me be the one you run to
I feel you on the edge of my fingers 
Tell me, are you really there

Should I know better then 
to call you out like I do 
I don't mean no disrespect now 
I just want to keep coming around 

5am Jan. 4 / 2013 Friday 
I was bored, so I wrote