Heart in Two Worlds

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Who will be the voice in the wilderness?
Have all the prophets disapeared?
Are miracles a thing of the past?
Are we doomed to walk this life alone?

I reach to the sky.
Scream out my prayer.
Warmth envelopes my body.
I feel His heavenly hug.
My loneliness flys away.
Doubt has no more room.
My heart is filled to overflowing.
Tears run down my cheeks.
These are not of sadness but of joy.

Where will His Love Take me?
Am I willing to go?
What will I be required to sacrifice?

I stubbornly hold on to the remnants of my life.
The things that never brought me joy.
I wish to do God's will and yet my heart straddles two worlds.
If this is my sin I am thankful His blood washes it away.