Written by: david scott

It's driving me round the bend
See on this girl I have this crush
I keep on hoping it will never end

What seems like a constant rush?
If only she was more than a friend                       
Because you know she's so lush

Whenever I'm in her presence 
Always makes my heart race                                                                     
Yeah she has such elegance

I can't take my eyes off her face
It's like she just has this essence 
That sends me into outer space
She has me in a complete blur
With those eyes, there ruby green
I’m always thinking of me and her

Yeah, I try to picture the scene
I ask myself would it ever occur
Well I suppose I can only dream

Written(2004) some bits of this 
were aoart of other poems
with you, breif encouter and she dont know
I was originaly going to scap as not as good as others
Again its about love passion romance check out others Ive wrote on
This subject   theres qut a few more in deph