a fight

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

When you conversate me,
I spelt the taste of your tongue.
i'd no complain against your attitude,
You fully satiate me even spoken slang.
When i gone through your eyes,
I realized the vision of your height.
I never read a chapter of feelings,
You touch me i melted as water slight.
You kissed me i lost my mind and heart,
Who excited us we jumped to win a fight?
the motive was only to swim a white river,
No religion, caste or colour counts as black or white. 

Never seen such spirit in our body,
Human soul was inspiring fire.
I never imagined such a dream,
Nobody was below or heigher.
We achieved a target of peace,
Nobody was a selller or buyer.
We crushed hate and jealous,
We adopt love for smile and admire.