Written by: Goode Guy

it's just the fascination, runnin' - 
			a way with me...

the start the turn the on the warm
the rev the run the front the storm

the moves the smooth the kinetic the peel
the center the taste the esthetic the real

the fruit the butter the bread the cheese
the sense the sation the smile the please

the hunger the thirst the quaff the juice
the filling the slake the adult the seduce

the frank the flame the desire the want
the flank the game the beguile the flaunt

the gaffe the rules the laugh the break
the slip the law the humor the mistake

the talk the shock the fears the grey
the shout the fight the tears the display

the swing the hit the hurt the bruise
the punch the anger the trouble the truce

the latch the click the clasp the key
the turn the hasp the open the free

the you - the me - the tuck the hide
the life the road - the way - the ride

the flash the light the idea the insight
the glint the sparkle the focus the delight

the exchange the change the like the best
the swap the give - the love - and all the rest

© Goode Guy 2012-12-28