Written by: Juanita Thorn

Hiding in the cupboard, veins pumping full of blood
In the dark, between clothes
The smell of moth balls in his nose

Waiting in silence
He needs patience
As he replays his fantasy
Planning each move precisely

A key unlocks the front door
She has returned from the store
Unknowingly she locks herself in
With him, let the fun begin

He stays silent, waiting for his prey to relax
As he watches her through the cupboard cracks
She sings a song in her pretty voice
Unaware she is the killers’ choice

Overwhelming voices in his head
“Slice her up”, his God has said
So he follows the orders from above
Preparing to display his sick love

He believes he is doing her a favour
Saving her from the World, he’s her saviour
The touch of his knife will free her soul
From her tormented life, that is his goal

She enters the bathroom to wash her face
He moves from the cupboard with cat-like grace
Now she’s drying her face with a towel
He runs at her with a menacing howl

Thrashing violently, like a fish out of water
Gouging what she can to escape her slaughter
He tries to calm her as he says in her ear
“I’m here to help you, there’s nothing to fear”.

Confusion seeps into every corner of her mind
As the killer produces the glinting knife from behind
He runs his hands over smooth skin on her neck
Searching for the carotid, finding a pulse to check

The rapid beating gives him great excitement
As he slits her ear to ear in one quick movement
Her screams are silenced, her blood flows free
Her eyes glaze over...her soul is free.

©copyright Juanita Torr
****For the "Sinister" poem competition 29/03/13