Saturday Night

Written by: Juanita Thorn

It’s another Saturday night
I’ll be dancing til the morning light
Surrounded by laughing friends
I hope this moment never ends

My body is pumping
My heart is thumping
I’m in my prime
I’m having the best time

Lights are flashing
Music is thundering
The dance floor is shaking
Feels like the Earth is quaking

Alcohol sedates my brain
Confidence is what I gain
I feel
God it’s great being ME!

I feel like Cinderella in my own story
I’m smiling, shining in all my glory
I see my Prince crossing the floor
He sees me too and makes a detour

Our bodies near
Our intentions are clear
Our lips touch
I want him so much

We start to dance
I’m in a trance
He’s holding me tight
Explode.I just might

Images distort
The love bug I’ve caught
Let this night go on forever
With my Prince and I together.

©copyright Juanita Torr