My Ditty

Written by: Juanita Thorn

Here’s a little ditty for you to read
And in your mind, I’ll plant a seed
A seed that makes everything you say rhyme
As into your mind the rhymes will feed

You’ll see the World in a different light
The thoughts you think will glow bright
It’s so easy, the words just flow
So grab pen and paper and begin to write

Putting words on paper is therapeutic
After a while it will become automatic
Words and phrases appear like magic
You will become your own worst critic

But peace will come as your mind does clear
And your negative thoughts will disappear
To be replaced by positive ones
New inspirations bring a happy tear

Stop using your heart as a cage
Deposit your baggage on an A4 lined page
Your soul will soar to great heights
You’re now ready to move to life’s next stage.

©copyright Juanita Torr