A girl i want

Written by: Jermaine Kirimi

I love a girl in distress,
cos i want her my mistress,
never worry i bring no stress,
make sure we are on the press.

I need a girl in my house,
buy jewels more than an ounce,
for tonight i will try to announce,
be my lady so i will call you my spouse.

I want a girl to take out,
buy her drinks then we make out,
for tonight we will order take out,
and i will become her princely stout.

I hate a girl whose a gold digger,
who loves money and smokes cigar,
who goes out  with only pubic figures,
and after all that she becomes a pest jigger.

I don't believe in love as fate,
love at first sight not my soul mate,
we know each other as we stay out late,
for this is how love converges to become fate.