I Want to Go By Train

Written by: Robert Pettit

Kicked out of a theater for the twenty-sixth time, the owner suggested to the highest building in town they should climb. From there, throw yourselves down to the street. Their act was considered both putrid and effete. It was discovered three beautiful women also came. Hilda, Wilda, and Tilda they were called by name. These girls didn’t seem to have anything to hide. In a similar situation, they contemplated suicide. As all six of them were ready to go, there was somebody mysteriously playing a piano. The man playing the instrument was a millionaire. He often played in isolation in the open rooftop air. The man thought this sextet had talent that was not bad. He hired all of them to star in a musical that he had. However, the stooges and female company once again tasted defeat. The man was insane and bound for Dr. Dippy’s Retreat. Based on the Columbia Pictures short subject “Rhythm and Weep” starring the Three Stooges.