Stay Strong Love

Written by: Sierra Biersack

Your strong,
Your beautiful,
Your amazing,
In every way possible.
You don't deserve, to have a 
hospital room on reserve.
You've been there three times, 
don't you see?
It's becoming a place that you 
go and fear,
And you can see your end is 
Don't let it end, don't let it die.
Don't fade away,
Drop that blade,
Grab the first aid,
Help yourself, be strong.
I know you, I know your 
strengths, weaknesses. 
Grab my hand, follow me.
Lets march like a band.
Well take over like sand.
Fight, stay bright. 
Shine over them and show 
them your better, your strong. 
Well get trough this together, 
and forever.