Deja Vu All Over Aagin

Written by: Michael Smith

Prisoner to what I am
Bars house my physci mind
Building bridges across an universe
Parallel to paradigm

Recollection begs for mercy at my heels
Racing by those same old blank signs
Stars up in the heavens are nowheres, again and again
And avenues escape the maze from every why

Embrace conspiracies, though reluctant, continue to undermind
My sense of fate in veiling thought
Slow down passions into motions of “déjà vu” 
To my unease in where I’m caught

In time's revolving presence
An endless coiling snake, left in my wake and up ahead
Drags along the dark clouds of loneliness
And sleepless nights come once again

Where the spirit and the body, lie upon different planes
Separate in their respective elements
A soul without joy, left to wander aimlessly
For knowledge of bread crumb increments

Who can I be, where can I go...
When I just don't know, where I've been
But, back to the beginning
To do "deja vu" all over again