Watching Him Watching Her

Written by: Joe Flach

She stood in front of the mirror, not liking what she sees
He watched from behind the door, seeing what he likes
She turned from side to side; hoping different angles would help her shape
He watched with excited eyes; each new angle shaping his hope

She rubbed lotion all over her body, to keep her young and smooth
His jeans were getting tighter, just begging to be removed

She touched the parts about which he fantasized, slowly closing her eyes
He had to let his growing manhood out, now grown to twice its size

She knew he was there
He knew that she knew
He really didn’t care
She watched as he grew

She made sure that he could see her, though she did not let him in
From the reflection in the mirror she saw him watching her watching him

He wished her hands were his and that his hands were hers
She applied more of the lotion letting out a pleasurable purr

They climaxed apart together; never acknowledging the other one
He went to the guest room shower, having finished what she begun
She stood in front of the mirror, thinking; perhaps it’s not so bad
As long as it does that to him, I guess I can still be glad