Digital Detox

Written by: ilene bauer

Check your cell phone at the door
And welcome to the bash.
No technology allowed, 
So ditch your secret stash.

Cut yourself off from your friends
And give your thumbs a break.
We have experts who can help –
Withdrawal’s hard to take.

There are fun activities
To keep you occupied.
Make a bracelet out of hemp – 
Materials supplied.

Play some ping pong – shoot some pool;
There’s a foosball table.
Watch some old-time TV shows 
From years preceding cable.

Test your typing skills – clack clack;
The paper’s on a roller!
Note the errors you can make
When you are the controller.

Everyone’s invited – 
See if you can pass the test,
A night to disconnect
And give those mobile phones a rest.

These parties really do exist – 
Restraint is in one’s power;
But most of the participants
Don’t even last an hour!