Written by: Donn Ronquillo

giddy with your beauty,
sparks of unlimited chemistry.
with the hints of your untold look,
like I am the only one in the room.
simple sharing of holding hands,
expressions at first I couldn't understand.
relative gravity of our attraction,
better than any possession.
lovely to behold;
with new wings of passion to unfold,
along with the gift of your presence,
timid awe of your awkwardness,
pure blessings in disguise,
impressions of new desires,
formless impressions of attractions,
more than an illusion,
something to look forward to.
sweeter than any promises,
hoping to go beyond what you see.
not just random meeting or coincidence,
or typical falling,
just like catching a shooting star,
making a wish at the same star from afar,
and letting our destiny wishguide us together.