Just a Breathy Sigh

Written by: Chula Fleming

A breathy sigh that moved the air
encircled us with lusty flair.
Its sweet and tender brush of love
Left unsaid our intention there.
Some deep and thoughtful bold assertion
Drew us closer into it's glare
And staved away intrusion of all others
Lest they disturb the passion there.
And sweet the savory music flowed
Around, about, above, below
Until we floated on the brink 
Of true love's kiss and knowing wink.
Love speaks to us on deeper levels
Where mere words can not communicate.
How strong the pull of your embrace
And sweetly tinted kiss upon your face.
Each breathy sigh wafts through space
No matter where you go from me.
My heart knows each step you take,
And when you think of me
Every breath is shared with you
Every moment of love in tune;
Each sacred dream we share together,
And hope for futures yet unplanned,
Caress the air with sweet perfume 
To pull us closer back together.
Because our love remains strong and true,
I dare not take a breath without you.