Brutus The Mule Don't Flank it pt2

Written by: Robert Mayy

Time and Time again
 Uncle Poppy sat on Brutus's back
 Brutus stood still never to move a jot
 So in order to offer an inducement
 In the lead was Molly sent
 Uncle Poppy mounted Brutus,
 __sat on it's back----
 Then flanked Brutus 
----gave it a slap-----
Worst thing he ever did
 Instead going up the hill
 Down the incline he sped
 Bolting, dropping Uncle Poppy on his head
 Rolling and sliding on his  belly
 Greening his clothes and splitting his welly
 Denting his ego,  scrambling his brain
 Wreaking havoc with excruiating pain
 He groaned and  writhed, cussed his luck
 Swearing me to secrecy of the act
 Of Brutus's bad behaviour and open defiance
 Shattering his trust and forged alliance
 But  as fading memories eases ancient pain
 He recovered lost memories and tried  again
Once again mounted Brutus, straddled his back
 Brutus moved neither and  inch nor forward a jot
 Such an enchanting spectacle was gleaned
 By Pusey a friend from many adventures shared
 Who shouted," get down, I will take the  ride
 A mule is a mule, a ride is a ride
 And gingerly jumped on Brutus's back
 Flanked Brutus ---gave it a slap---
 Brutus swayed and turned, bucked and kicked
 On the concrete hard ground was Pusey shipped
 Then suddenly motionless as if dead
 We poured cold water over Pusey's head.
 Brutus had that look on his face
 Daring any other to take Pusey's place.
Molly shook her head as if to say
 How can you entertain a mule who doesn't play?
 How can you get on a mule's back
 Flank it, give it a slap?
 Mules are meant to be stubborn and free 
He is the son of Molly the mare
 And Rufus the Jackass
 Hardly pedigree
 Wouldn't you agree.