Once Were Kings

Written by: GIDEON GREY


Pigskin sails past outstretched arms
Another inch perhaps?
Grins on faces kids from afar
Memories made memories lapse

Neither friends nor foe, yet strangely so
They seemed like us but strangely no
A tackle too hard, a tackle too late
We share in victory, we share in hate

We huddle like penguins with nearly a sound
Plays are drawn on hands or ground
Nods are given, all is clear
Our secret safe, our secret sound

The play unfolds, not quite as planned
Defense charge, our line outmanned
Quarterback scrambles, the outcome dim
No fear of defeat nor life and limb

A last chance prayer, Hail Mary by name
Don’t anyone say it’s only a game
Bragging rights pending, youth in their prime
It meant so much to us at the time 

Recollection muddied but joy it brings
We meet at ball fields, our kids on swings
Were prayers ever answered?
Does it matter at all?
We were rivals and pals
When we were kings