Written by: Susan Piwang

Lovely, lovely, things
Are just so hard to find
They hide in the corners of the edges of night
And peep from the folds of the bright shining sun
But rarely, if ever, float down to anyone.

Lovely, lovely people, lovely to see
You’re looking; you’re looking and SEEING me.
You wait, anticipate for when I shall speak.
That alone makes you infinitely lovely to me.

Lovely, lovely world
You have let me down
So many times, I don’t bother to count
And yet, just once in a while
You decide,
To show your good side and smile
And recognize that I exist
Toss me a laugh
Blow me a kiss
Give me the feeling I so desperately miss
That’s simply and only knowing I exist
Lovely, lovely, lovely you are
Lovely times infinity
Lovely by far
Maybe because you rarely have been
This lovely
This pretty
This friendly 
To me.