Life Is Like A Song

Written by: Susan Piwang

Life is like a song I sing
To the world whether or not, they’re listening
And cast into the atmosphere
Notes and bars of love and tears
I suppose if my song is a worthy tune
I will have the attention of the sun and moon
And maybe some people in the bargain
Will turn their heads during the refrain

I could sing loud and powerful
With vibrato and volume
I’ll force my voice from deep within
And shatter the earth with its dynamic pitch
And maybe when I’m finally through
I’ll have a perfect note or two

I could sing soft and fairy-like
And tip-toe round the edge of night
And whisper to the air around
With silver, trills of sweet, soft sound
And maybe when the end is nigh
My spirits will be lifted high

Life is like a song I sing
Someone must be listening
To ensure someone remembers me
When all has faded into infinity
I’ll find a kindred soul like yours
That inspires me and opens doors
And when my song is finally through
I’ll have sung it all with you.