Days Begin With Promise and End in Pain

Written by: Susan Piwang

Yesterday I wore despair like a garment 
I wore it like a cloak of dark velvet.
I wore it with reverence
I wore it with precision
I wore it with all I had in me
Besides pride.

Yesterday I walked through my garden
A graveyard of shattered hopes and ruined dreams
A scrap heap of failures and other things
A relic of what was, what could have been
What is now not fit to be seen
Like me

Yesterday I would have howled at the moon
But it seemed so serene
So devoid of the things
That make up my life
I couldn’t taint it
With my sorrowful moans

Besides, I was out of breath from sighing.

Yesterday I wore despair like a cloak
And hopelessness a heavy chain around my neck
Sadness a belt strapped tightly around my middle
Shame followed me like a train
Trailing a gown embroidered with my crystal tears

Yesterday stank.
Today is just beginning
And with the clothes that I have
I wouldn’t mind waking up naked