A Poem A Day

Written by: Susan Piwang

A poem a day
Will keep the psychiatrist away
And the dudes from the asylum
From knocking at my door

A poem a day
Will keep me sane
Hanging on a thread
Halfway between normality
And something more severe than

A poem a day
Will (hopefully)
Keep me from cracking
Keep me smiling
Or from crying.
But no laughing
If I do open my mouth to chortle
To bellow or giggle
Chances are, I may never stop
And then you will know that I
Have (officially)
Lost it.

A poem a day
Should be enough to save
This fragile mind
From shattering
From the inside out.

A poem a day
Will keep me pretty occupied
Will fix my mind
On things less painful
Than the obvious
That I (undoubtedly)