Written by: andrew delapruch

maybe there’s an inner shame
that s/he doesn’t want to talk about,
maybe a thousand shrinks couldn’t
skin the top of that surface,
but it glows from out the iris when
confronted with another who
sizes him/her up in this day & age
with an assessment of a whole
personality, based on what it is that
one does for money.

quickly running to that pool of excuses,
quickly devising lies---
anything to paint a picture of a person
that s/he isn’t, anything to pass off the image
that what s/he is actually doing in life 
is all

because this place in life, this moment,
which s/he wishes in the deepest of her/his heart
that s/he was not currently living,
is in fact the case &
s/he is more concerned about the opinions of 
others, s/he is more concerned about how s/he
will be perceived down the line,
as such a fragile existence taunts.

problem is, 
it’s all temporary---
anyone can lose it all so quickly that their 
****ing head is left spinning &
if you are not living with that notion in the back of
your mind,
then there is not a pool of excuses out there
which will save you from
your fall.