My Precious Children

Written by: Rebecca Kramer

I feel sometimes I've truly lost my way
Sometimes it's hard to make it through the day 
When I have the chance to sit and think
I stare ahead and never stop to blink
My heart is loudly crying out for you
My soul is crying out for love so true
I don't know how I've made it this long
I don't know how I've stayed so strong
I  guess I am awaiting the day
When all of my pain will go away
It has been so hard without you by my side
Losing you took away all of my pride
You are a part of me, a piece of my soul
And until you find me, I will never be whole
I am so sorry that I let you go
And I hope one day that you will know
That all I wanted was the best for you
Even though it has torn my world in two
The only reason I am still alive
Is the hope that you will be by my side
I want you to know wherever you are
That even if the distance is far 
You are always here in my heart and soul
And that I'm leaving this in Gods control
One day he will send you back to me
One day my heart will again be free
My love for you will never end
When you are back, my heart will mend
Just know a mothers love is forever
Even if we are not together

      Deepest Love, Mom