Vindicate my Search

Written by: Nestor David Armas

To be clear; 
Once you were not real;
But my God had you created from my illusion; 
What I desired but never experienced,
My thoughts were for you 
Whom I did not know; a ghost;
I knew what I wanted; needed; 
And you were there at every turn,
I knew that a kindred heart was beating somewhere;
As pure as my innocence;
That she would be all that was good in the world,
I felt your presence often 
Waking me from deep slumber unnerving;
I would daydream of you so serene 
And my heart and time would stand still,
With a beauty that shone through the skin from your soul;
And I thought be it heaven or hell; 
I would walk the greatest depths; 
The endless breadths;
No one would stand in my way; 
I would lay waste to all humankind,
But to stand at your side; 
And I died each time I awoke 
Not finding you there;
And I asked myself how many others 
Had tried and failed to seek you out,
But I would not stop; 
My heart knew you were close; 
Alone waiting for someone;
To rise up from the ashes of your annihilation 
Of all those that knew not your worth,
At last I have found you; 
I am here to end your wait; 
To vindicate my search...