Don't Forget

Written by: Nestor David Armas

When you no longer need me;
Don't forget I still need you,
When you no longer think of me;
I won't stop remembering you,
When you no longer remember my name;
I'll still have yours engraved in my heart,
And although we may have met for a reason;
And you may have just needed me for a season,
Called for me wherever whenever,
You'll stay in my mind forever;
So even if I can no longer shine a light,
Or make your gloomy days bright;
Your memory will remain,
And though to cry I refrain;
Such has been my impression of you,
Within my nights and skies blue;
There you will be ever so still,
When I close my eyes and see them fill;
With the image of your smile,
That'll be with me mile after mile;
From you I'll never be free,
So just don't forget me...