growing up

Written by: Rose La Traille

I was the crazy, silly, goofy
little girl of the block

and you.. you were the dorky
goofy little boy of the block

together we were a wild little crew
soon years pass

and now were a little older
I'm still the crazy, silly, goofy
girl of the block

but you...your the hardcore, trouble-maker
boy of the block

now were teenagers...
we go on different paths
yet were still best friends

now im the odd, strange, dark 
girl of the block

and're the jail bird
trapped with drugs...

my heart aches for you
to get better..

then the truth comes out...
you become all my heart
beats for, all I care for..

you tell me you love me
and I say it back...

then one day...
you get in serious trouble..
you call me

my heart stops..
you come over
its 9:30...

were standing on my 
I cry in your shoulder...

then we start swaying 
your soft gentle lips 
met my forehead 
as you kiss me..

heart sinks
throat swells
stomach churns..

your soft gentle sweet 
words play in my 
head like a broken record..

promising me that one day we 
share a dance 

each day we talk
my heart jumps

growing up we were the same
and now...
were two different people...

now years have passed..
and I wait patiently for
that special dance