Erasing Racism

Written by: Aleasha Martin

Racism lives in the souls of bitter ones…
Miserable ones disconnected
From the meaning of love and respect….
I’ve been called a white girl…
I’ve been called a wet back
They call me less
Than my meaningful definition…
Oh, did I mention I’m “Italian”?
Don’t judge me by my skin color
My accent or my “originiqueness”
I’m the same in God’s eyes
But “you” are what makes me different…
It bothers most but I’m lovin’ it
Creating ways to reach out to you globally…
Standing as one nation
We stand before you excepting
“the unexcepted”….one by one
No longer judgin’…
“calling all nationalities!”
We introduce to you….our blood
“the same blood you bleed”
Help us to evolve the meaning
Of erasing racism…… respectfully

by: Aleasha Martin