Kill Me

Written by: Laura Breidenthal

kIlL mE... tHeRe ArE tImEs, My GoD, tHeRe ArE tImEs ThAt I wIsH i WaS dEaD mY hEaRt SpIlLs ReSeNtMeNt AnD sCoRn Of ThE sElF aNd So mAnY oThErS tHeY dOn'T dEsErVe ThE hAtEā€”nO oNe DoEs SoMeTiMeS cOnFiNeMeNt BlUrRS mY hEaRt AnD mInD lEaViNg Me In A sOrT oF dEpReSsIoN rEwInD wHeN nO oNe GiVeS a DaMn AbOuT tHe RhYmE wHeRe AlL tHeY wAnT tO dO iS cOnSuMe ThE gRiMe I aM sIcK tO tHe MaRrOw Of KeEpInG It (IxNxSxIxDxE) bUt I wIlL tOrTuRe No OtHeR WiTh My MiNd ThErE aRe TiMeS, mY gOd, ThErE aRe TiMeS tHaT i WiLl MySeLf To SmIlE bUt (IxNxSxIxDxE) i ScReAm (KiLl Me). . .KILL ME i want to die. . .