Two for Two: Mickey and Pooh

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

Disney’s famous mouse, named Mickey became a world mega star quite quickly. Michael Jackson got famous wearing one white glove. Well, Micky put on two and has enjoyed twice the love! Mickey Mouse, the voice of Walt, was the first cartoon ever to talk. Though his wedding to Minnie has never been seen, she remains his leading lady on the big screen. Loveable Winnie the Pooh was named for a bear at London Zoo. You can call him Pooh, but never just Winnie. For sure, this honey addict can never be called skinny. Winnie the Pooh, a simple bear, is considered a philosopher with flair. Maybe you’ll be struck as if by thunder to hear his “Think it over. Think it under.” Written by andrea dietrich Jan. 2, 2013 for the Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse Poetry Contest of Leonora Galinta